Friday, 17 June 2011

Getting On With Life

Well, it's been a fairly rubbish few weeks chez Rosie. I've seen more doctors than I care to have, I've spent enough money on prescriptions to subsidise the rest of the country, and to top it all my work are being unreasonable about everything. Bleh. I actually feel okay to go back to work, but I'm not allowed to, because I need my desk raising about a foot so that I can stand rather than sit. Which is apparently a highly unreasonable request, for all kinds of reasons including "you might block someone else's light", "it might give you varicose veins" and "it's health and safety". Don't you just love how nobody even bothers to elaborate on or even try to justify H&S any more? 99% of the H&S rubbish you hear on a regular basis has nothing to do with health, nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with convenient excuses why someone shouldn't have to spend time or energy actually Doing Things.

Well, I am not a sit-home-and-mope kind of girl. I happen to be a Doing Things kind of girl. Though it's killing me to, I have made the decision to start formal action against the discrimination I am facing and look for alternative employment. In the mean time though, it feels wrong to be Doing Things, or to be Getting On With Life. I feel like a kid who can't go out and play because they were off school earlier. I've been scared to post on my blog or in my stores in case it looks 'wrong'. Yesterday I went to the two thrift stores near me while waiting for another batch of prescriptions to be filled and actually thought twice about buying anything in case someone saw me.

But the fact is that just because my job can't raise my desk, it doesn't mean I can't raise the one I use at home, dammit, and I'm not going to sit at home and rot, just because someone else isn't willing to try something new.

So here's to Getting On With Life. Photos of yesterday's thrifting finds coming shortly...

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