Monday, 16 May 2011

I Heart Monopoly, part two

The reason I love Monopoly right now is that it is a goldmine of raw materials for the crafter. As I mentioned in my previous post, Monopoly has always sold in huge quantities, right from the word Go (sorry for the pun!), meaning that even the older editions are around in fairly large numbers, and are fairly cheap to Boot. (Sorry. I just can't help myself today).

At the moment I am really into making books, so you can guess how most of the Monopoly boards go when I get my grubby little paws on them! Right now I prefer to wire bind. I don't think coptic binding suits Monopoly, somehow. I love the little charms that I've been adding to the books, as well. Right now I have one on my purse as well.

The box is surprisingly good for book making as well. This particular book was made from a set someone had given in to a charity shop minus the board. I do wonder about some people. How saleable did they think a game without the board would be? It's sheer luck that the charity shop had someone to take it off their hands; otherwise, they would have had to pay to dispose of it, something the giver could have done for free through their household waste collection. I did wonder if it was another crafter, but one with any imagination at all could have made a lot more use of the rest of it... oh well, rant over. I always feel that books made from the box have far more of a vintage feel, which is why I've teamed this one with vintage tokens. They are also slightly more lightweight. I usually market my books as journal/notebook, but really there is a big distinction in my mind. A book made from the covers feels like a hefty journal, one made from the covers feels far more like a notebook.

Both of the books pictured are available to buy at my Dawanda shop. I'm not finished with Monopoly yet, and there will be more ways to use the different parts soon...


Jil Casey said...

What a great use for game boards, they look awesome!

Rosie said...

Thank you! I was really pleased with them, I have kept one for myself ;)