Monday, 23 May 2011

Travel Journal

The French road atlas I trash-picked yesterday reminded me of a map I'd already got - and a little project I'd been meaning to get round to for ages. So rather than doing all of the housework and chores I'd lined up for yesterday afternoon, I dropped it all to get stuck into making a travel journal with the map instead! Well, I call it a journal, it's really more of an organiser or folder or something:

The covers are made with a game board I picked up ages ago - a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one that a friend gave me when her lad grew out of it (and had lost all of the playing tokens that went with it). Covered in a map of Paris it looks a lot more sophisticated and you'd never tell what it's covering! The ribbon is some from the sewing box I picked up yesterday. The buttons are from my button box and were cut off old clothes at some point by myself, my mother or my grandmother. The covers are on a really big bind so that the spine can expand as the journal is filled.

When you open it up, on the left is a gusseted pocket that holds a wire-bound photo album with twenty pages of black sugar paper, and three notebooks of various sizes. They are made from salvaged paper and pages from yesterday's road atlas (I ran out of map!). I hand-stitched them all with linen thread, which was also in the sewing box I got yesterday!

On the facing side is a concertina made from a section of map. On the front of it there is sturdy pocket made from the map cover. It is just the right size to hold pencils and the like.

When you open the concertina there is blank sections to glue pictures or keepsakes to, slash pockets to store items, and at the end another hand-stitched notebook to journal in. I can only show sections of the concertina because it's too long to fit in a photograph!

I've listed it in my Etsy shop but if it doesn't sell I won't mind; I think I'll try and persuade my partner to take me back to France instead!

Anyway, that's my latest make and I hope you've enjoyed seeing it!

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